The Motivational Video You NEEDED To Watch Before 2022

Motivational Video

There are no spoken words because I want you to read the video in your mind using your own voice. Listen to the type of things you are speaking about yourself. Believe them and develop more positive thoughts about yourself.

I was thinking about life the other day and wrote some of my thoughts down. I wanted to make you all a video of them to encourage, inspire, motivate you and show you there is so much to look forward to in life. If you’re searching for something right now, even if you don’t know what to search for, you will find it when the time is right. Soon. The day will come, and you will be ready! Take my word for it, and please relax if you would like, take a minute to enter a calm mindset, and obtain a positive outlook about your life.

More positive affirmations to come.

Once you catch what this channel will be putting out, you will understand. 🙂 I see good qualities in people and have always felt obligated to tell them with the hope they can use the information to be encouraged and find their path or help get them through the day. I hope you stick around and stay tuned for future ASMR Vids!

Deep down, I am an ASMR artist at the end of the day and invite you to tango our positive vibes. New mic and new ASMR videos will be coming soon! Please be sure to like, subscribe or comment if you choose! Forever grateful! 🙂

Written and produced by Longshot ASMR: Time goes fast. The pain goes slow. That’s the currency of life. The cost of living. It’s worth the price in the end. Find what you are passionate about. Then get up and do it. Or even a single memory worth suffering for. In a lot of ways, we are a reflection of our past. And those that raised us. The people we surrounded ourselves with. And those who influenced the environment that we grew up in. Remember, whatever bumps in the road you hit. The pain is only temporary. But the strength gained lasts indefinitely. Whatever life throws at you. You’ll be more prepared to handle it. You already have everything inside you to overcome anything sent your way. Someone else could be inspired by you. But… You have a choice. Let it hold you down and anchor you or… Instead, let it carry you further down the stream with more strength. Don’t get held down… Never be afraid to ask for help. It’s time to congratulate you on the future for overcoming. You’ve been through it and come out the other side. You trooped through it. There is no stopping you. It makes you a stronger person than anyone who hasn’t experienced what you have. There is a place for you too. I am obligated to tell you. You are extraordinary. -Longshot ASMR

“The Motivational Video You NEEDED To Watch Before 2022”.

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And enjoy positive affirmations.

Positive affirmation videos rock!

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