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Longshot ASMR & Youtube Channel

Welcome to Longshot ASMR. I’m excited to share my love of ASMR with the world.

As you probably know, ASMR is an abbreviation for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

It’s a condition that describes the human brain’s response to certain types of stimuli, including but not limited to sound, touch, and sight. 

Our website started out as a  community focusing on providing the world a center point to discover new ASMR artists and find new videos. We want to help by offering articles covering the topic of “ASMR”.

Eventually, we started producing our own videos and love sharing our sound with the world!

My ASMR videos will be focused on making sure my viewers are comfortable, and that I do everything possible to ensure that.

I love to create relaxing and stress-free experiences. I use a variety of techniques to get you comfortable and relaxed. 

 We create videos that will help you unwind and find your inner calm, so come visit and stay awhile.

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