Your ASMR Friend

Update From Your ASMR Friend

I’ll never apologize for any non- ASMR related posts!

I’m all about the experience and our ASMR community.

Would love to use my desire to inspire so that you can change the world around you. Always healing.

What better way to connect with someone and “their sounds” by letting you into the pack.

We are all down here together at the same time 🤔 by the end…
I want to be relatable, real and help people that lost their way or their voice. .

I don’t hide anything! 😂 No skellies in my basement ☠️

Here to find some nice sounds and to shed some angles and perception on life.

No matter where you are, or where you been. I’ll love you all. I slow down to pick anyone one up.. been there.

Take my seat 💺, grab a drink🍸, a light 🌿, whatever allows people to not judge and be on the same side is what I’m searching for.

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