How to deal with heartbreak by Longshot ASMR

Longshot ASMR how to deal with heartbreak

ASMR Heartbreak Quote - Longshot ASMR


Empathy is the character trait that brings me to a halt on a daily. We hate seeing hurt. I’ll always stop to pick the broken up. I was there. You don’t need to experience it. My advice to anyone struggling with heartbreak:
💯Take my word. I been there and done that. Every heartbreak is just someone that didn’t deserve you. Every break up gets you closer to true ❤. But who says you need anyone? Deep down you could be the most powerful woman in the world. Play your cards right, learn from the past. Look forward. Brush your shoulders off. Put your chin up. And don’t look back. Learn from every mistake, they are blessings in disguise. I’m going to send a wave of positive energy in such a fashion and storm it will smack you upside the head with joy. You are energy, it’s all around us. You can be positive or negative. Deflect the negative and absorb any positives. 🤗

-Longshot ASMR

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