Opening “101” Fortune Cookies | Up-Close ASMR! (No-Eating)

Cookie Tapping, Opening, Fortune Giving ASMR Triggers Video

Hi. (✌️Vol: 10-50% recommended 😴) {No-Eating}

This is an up-close & personal ASMR video of me opening “102”** Fortune Cookies (NO EATING SOUNDS IN THIS VIDEO)!!

As always, our mission is to drop our ASMR video in an ocean of infinite ASMR videos and hope it helps 1 person. Peace and love, baby.

So early when I recorded this!!

That was crazy when we got 2 fortunes in 1 cookie!!!!! @33:36

What did you think about the cookie that didn’t have a fortune, and I wrote a fortune for you? @29:23

It was so fun opening these cookies for you & I hope you enjoy the sounds. If you enjoyed it, please consider giving it a thumbs up and even let me know what your favorite trigger is?

Thanks! I actually had eating sounds originally because it was really early, and I ate some because I was so hungry & I thought there might be people out there who want to hear what it sounds like lol.

BUT I cut them out last minute because I just wanted everyone to be able to enjoy this fortune cookie ASMR and get these positive affirmations!

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