Ball of Yarn ASMR Video For Sleep, Personal Attention

Ball of Yarn ASMR Video, Rare Trigger, For Sleep, Personal Attention, Whispering And Great For Sleep

Well, tonight, we will get some sleep, relax, and enjoy this rare ball of yarn ASMR trigger. The colors of it had me sold, and I knew it would produce some tingly sounds for us.

This ASMR video is very up close and includes sensitive sounds.

We will be wrapping this ball of yarn around your brain! With sounds and whispering SO close you’ll believe it! Get cozy. Live and let live 🙂

We do a little of everything & sometimes random on this channel because that’s what life is, and ultimately I want to help you sleep, get depression-free, stress relief, and anxiety free. We are all living, breathing, and well, down here & on the same journey to get to the end, so that’s amazing in itself and not to be taken for granted.

ASMR has done wonders for me. Trust. For years, ASMR videos got me out of the mind funk.

Ever since I was a kid, I listened and searched for the small appreciative moments in life, so I will give it my all & my best in return for us! 🤗

I hope you enjoy the ambiance and remember to relax! I am very grateful for what we have so far, but I know it wouldn’t have been possible without you!!

Volume recommendation with headphones at roughly 50% advised but give or take entirely up to you. We also have personal attention and have lots of up-close ear-to-ear whispering. We repeat some trigger words and go nice and slow for the ultimate relaxation. C:

I hope you get some sleep tonight and enjoy this unique and rare ASMR trigger. We will use this “Baby Bee Adore-A-Ball Yarn” for ease, comfort, relaxation, sleep & peace, and love. ☮❤ & hugs 👉 for you!! Sit back, relax and enjoy this ball of yarn ASMR show! But again.

Thank you for all that you do and for your time watching. It means the world to me! For real! -Longshot ASMR Thanks for watching “Ball of Yarn ASMR, Rare Trigger, For Sleep, Personal Attention, Whispering” I hope you get tingles too!! 

More information about ASMR: What is ASMR? ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” and it refers to a feeling of pleasurable tingling that can be triggered by a variety of sights and sounds.

This can include things like crinkling, tapping, scratching, whispering, pulling, and more. What’s more, the effects can be quite intense for some people, who may experience deep relaxation or even euphoria.

It’s a pretty cool phenomenon! ASMR videos can be used to help you sleep in different ways.

You can use ASMR to relax before you sleep. ASMR is most effective when combined with a good sleep environment.

ASMR can give you a feeling of calmness and relaxation through sounds and visuals.

ASMR Triggers: personal attention, ball of yarn trigger, up-close whisper, Himalayan salt lamp, tingles

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