ASMR Best Friend For Those Who Feel Left Out On Father’s Day

ASMR Best Friend For Those Who Feel Left Out On Father's Day Video. Personal Attention ASMR.

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I know some of these are not your typical traditional ASMR/ I hope it is welcomed within the community! 😀 Don’t worry we will jump on trends in time, need be. Thanks for sticking by my side! I’m on yours too.

No judgment zone here.

A lot of other ASMR artists got me through some hard times. So now I’m just trying to show up. I truly hope this video will help someone today. It’s a lonely road as an ASMR artist trying to tackle this kind of stuff but I am ready to take my guard down and try to help people get their healing going.

I hope you laugh a ton too!! Enjoy nature and my thoughts today on father’s day!

I think everyone could get something out of this one even if it’s gaining a perspective or applying some positivity to their life by exercising good thoughts!

I have really been learning a lot myself about positively processing things and looking into the bad or negative and finding the good. It can all start with a good thought. Then you can turn that thought into action and repeat it every day!

I focus on creating ASMR for things that I personally struggle with! I find ASMR videos help me with anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, PTSD, trauma, etc.

My highlight notes:

If you went through anything other than normalcy in your life and are still here today to prove it then you are a very strong person.

Try to Stop caring about what others are thinking about you and begin caring about yourself a little more.

And try to stop comparing your life to others. I know it’s hard with social media nowadays.

I’ll always say we make our plans then life happens. That’s just how it goes sometimes.

I didn’t even realize that it was Father’s Day till I got on Facebook and you know how social media is on some days it can be a negative barrage depending on where you are personally at.

Sometimes it can be very good at showing us what we are missing in our own life by showing us what others have that we may feel we lack or showing us things we might feel that we have missed out on in life.

But please know you are perfect just the way you are. You were never the problem.

Sometimes it was simply the people that were placed in our lives or lack of placement depending on your situation.

But remember to not get bitter over them and just forgive so you can forget. If you don’t forgive, then you will never stop remembering.

You have to forget so that you can move on with your own life and make your dreams come to fruition. And stay on your path.

I feel the people and world around me and the pain of going through my own trials and tribulations allows me to connect with all types of people. and with some of my videos, I want to help heal and get you working through the pain so that you can come out on the other side stronger.

I can’t promise that for all of them because sometimes it zaps a lot of my own energy out from sifting through my own past to pull any words of wisdom out.

I found that out quickly from trying to make some ASMR videos for depression and trauma and it relapsed my mindset for a bit. But every once in a while we will speak our heart.

Trust me, we are always working through some stuff but the important thing is we always get back up again. No matter what. It can be so easy to develop jealousy or anger by seeing so much of other people’s lives and you don’t want that because it just trickles into your own life and overshadows your sight.

Treat yourself with the kindness that you deserve and we all deserve kindness. We are all humans after all. I can’t judge you for things that I’ve done in the past or even thought of doing in my mind for that matter.

If you’re strapped for money and can’t go to the store then go outside and feel the wind on your face and the sun on your skin, then smile because those are huge indicators you are ALIVE and well. I really want to let you know that YOU ARE TRULY NOT ALONE, today.

I recall there is a quote something along the lines of “you cannot kill that of which is already dead.” Nothing in your life has to be written in stone right now. you hold the pen from this point out so please start writing your own good chapters.

It’s so important to treat everyone with dignity and mutual respect. Everyone is working through different stuff and nobody needs any extra b.s. added on top of things, excuse my language haha.

It’s too easy for others to judge you and where you are in your life just because their life went a little bit different than yours and they dont know what you have been through but please forgive them too so that you can forget.

But never keep things around your house that cause you any distress or set your mindset back. Remember we all make mistakes and that’s ok.

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