☄ Depression? Anxiety? *POOF GONE*…

longshot asmr video for depression and anxiety

☄ Depression? Anxiety? *POOF GONE*... Tingles are just a bonus! | ASMR

ASMR Video to help you with depression, anxiety, worry, stress, guilt, and condemnation by ASMR Artist Longshot ASMR Youtube.

Hi. Longshot ASMR here. Going to drop this ASMR video in an ocean of infinite ASMR videos and hope it helps 1 person. Peace and love baby. We remove depression, anxiety, worry, guilt, discomfort & more. Then we put it in my wooden cup and take it away from you forever! YOU ARE FREE! No negative energy ONLY Positive energy HERE!

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Putting your worry, depression, anxiety, the stress in my wood cup forever ASMR. :0 Depression and anxiety are the most common mental disorders in the world. They affect more than 300 million people in America alone. They can cause panic attacks, loss of sleep, and other symptoms. However, there are things you can do to get better. Let’s conquer it.

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