Personal Attention on a Rainy Day. Whispering, Random ASMR To Sleep

ASMR Video For A Rainy Day

ASMR Video on a rainy day

Volume Level Recommended Range: (Low 10-30%) Kick back, relax, unwind, and help you find some stress-free sleep! I recorded another video of just the rain tapping on a tin roof with no talking that you should be on the lookout for because it is very peaceful! =) This ASMR video is designed to bring relaxation, reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, and ultimately guide you to sleep. I hope that you enjoy it! You’re not alone! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Videos!💓

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Rock /pebble swishing and swirling sound @2:58 Pine needles and rocks @3:05 Hand Movements @4:47 More rocks swishing and swirling @6:04 Blowing on microphone @6:58 Microphone Brushing @7:00 More Hand waving @9:26 Finger tracing @10:00 Thank you for watching this ASMR video!! “Personal Attention on a Rainy Day. Whispering, Random ASMR To 👉 Sleep.”

ASMR Triggers For Sleep include: asmr, gentle whispering, rain tapping on a tin roof, nature sounds, some finger tracing over the camera, personal attention, a guide to sleep, rocks, swishing rocks, rock friction, mouth sounds, the sound of pebbles, microphone brushing, leaves, leaves rustling, gravel, pine needles, pebbles, stones, hand movements, outdoors, mouth pop, storm, rainy day vibes, tapping sounds, positive vibes, positive energy, mic brushing, self-help, self-healing, up-close, hand waving, hand movements, finger tracing, meditation #asmr #relaxing #personalattention

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