ASMR Motivation: How to Deal with Haters?

Not ASMR but inspirational! Watch this video! Feeding my empath for a minute.
I see a lot of people posting ASMR videos on depression, anxiety & trauma, mental illness, etc. But I haven’t seen anyone actually talking about it within the community but maybe because I’m so new. For one… you’re not alone… I woke up from lifelong depression recently and I’m just showing up for my misfits like me… ASMR made the dead rise and start walking again for me at least.
When the haters come they are just hating on one of their own kind.
Sorry if I’m honest, raw, and to the point. 
I got raised a little different than you(raised by wolves) and I just don’t have time for anything but the truth at this point in life. I had to unwire all the cords from the past and re-wire the good. All I ever wanted to be was the good guy. 
Just remember everyone that became great was heavily hated and used that for motivation to “flip it on em”. I truly believe mental illness was sent by “someone out there” to take out great people. Sometimes they just don’t see it themselves. We didn’t come this far in life to get shaken up by some random internet people or jealous haters.
Remember the greatest was hated the most and went through hell. Congrats! “YOU HAVE ARRIVED”. You just have to start looking at them a little differently now! 
In the beginning, I would rather have had nobody than everyone there but “not really there and beat me down”. So I don’t judge anybody.
I see a lot of people complaining about haters and negativity lately. I had them my whole life lol. TRUST me when I say that. My parents/ fam were my biggest haters, to be honest. So please don’t let these literally “random strangers” in the world get inside your head so easily… If you STILL have #1’s then circle back with them for hope. If not well search very deep inside and find the fuel you need to burn to get to the next stepping stone on your own. Not everyone got born into an environment where people were building them up…
1 life = 1 day waking up to that realization. Make it happen now. Not tomorrow…
A buddy of mine involved in music had a lot of haters too. If he had let that affect him.. well he wouldn’t be looking down on the same haters now from a venue stadium. They have to look up now 🙂
Remember I always say “flip it on them” one day they might have to look up instead of down 😉
But also decipher the difference between hate and constructive criticism too! I’m open to constructive criticism because knowledge is power.
But if you don’t humble yourself and look at things from another person’s perspective then your ASMR videos may turn out one-sided or only cater to a few instead of millions. I try to see things from both and all sides but I had to die to myself to gain that perspective… Just saying. P.t.s.d. has always stopped me from sharing my heart and thoughts but if this is what the world needs right now. So I’ll show up.

For When you need to relax! ASMR Serene is here for you. ALive and Glowing 🙂

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