ASMR Experiment: Scratch And Sniff Stickers Video

ASMR Experiment: Scratch And Sniff Stickers Video by Longshot ASMR

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Let’s see how this rare and unique trigger experience does! I hope you’re ready for a good time!

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Always have, always will. Now that I’m creating sounds it’s time to do an open-minded “ASMR Experiment” If Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response can be seen, heard, & felt (tingle sensation). We are always learning and always loving. This leads me to ask you… Can this experience/experiment stimulate your sense of smell and sense of taste to go with the visual and auditory stimuli? Let’s get weird AF and never judge, ever. 😂👍 We are all down on earth together after all. 🙂 Can we bridge the gap between mind, body, soul, sense, smell, touch, and taste with this tingly ASMR video? The first portion of this ASMR experiment is going over what the “autonomous sensory meridian response” is from then we jump into the scratch and sniff ASMR stickers. Where we will experiment on you & see how real we can make this experience for you. As much as this is an auditory and visual experience & experiment. I am genuinely curious about these other senses?! LET ME KNOW if you can smell these fruit scents!! Have fun, be weird, change things up, and be different. It’s a longshot 😀 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos if you want!💓

👉 👉Follow me if you want! What is ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) according to Wikipedia?

ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response”. It’s can be a tingling sensation that some people experience in their head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to certain stimuli, such as whispering, tapping, or watching someone perform a task, like folding towels or doing a craft. Thanks for watching: “ASMR Experiment: Scratch and Sniff Stickers, Sounds That SMELL AND TASTE” #asmr #asmrcommunity #asmrexperiment Triggers: asmr, scratch n sniff, watermelon, cherry, pineapple, orange, banana, rose, flower, asmr triggers, tingles, whispering, mic brushing, blowing, flame-blowing asmr trigger, lighter asmr, scratching, smelling, tasting, touching, stimuli, personal attention, good job sticker, asmr meaning, what is A.S.M.R.?, mouth sounds, tapping, roleplay, visual, auditory, sensory, taste, touch, sense, sight, scratch, and sniff.

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