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Longshot ASMR Video

Start with the volume low, then adjust. 🙂 The rest of the timestamps are below. Here is a link to the ASMR glow in the dark segment: https://youtu.be/Df_jk7e9Vog Hi, Longshot ASMR here. Please start with the volume low, then adjust according to your happiness. Thank you for stopping by my ASMR channel. Come as you are and feel comfortable here. Take off your shoes. Or don’t. It’s entirely up to you. I want you to know whatever weight on your shoulders you are carrying, take that mantle off at least just for the night and relax, ok? Sounds good to me. For a long time, I have used ASMR videos, soothing sounds, relaxing sounds, nature sounds since I can remember to help me sleep. I have always looked for ways to relieve stress through music. I have an appreciation for all music, genre, and sounds. I am thankful to have found Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Videos to help relieve anxiety… In this ASMR video, we have a little bit of everything and mostly no talking asmr except in the beginning intro. In this video, we have some of the best ASMR triggers! -Triggers Timestamps- Time Stamps: 0:05 Intro 0:19 Please like, comment, and only subscribe if you want; it’s unnecessary though. You are free to do as you wish 😊 0:25 Trigger preview 0:26 Light switch 0:28 Sorting & preparing 0:37 ASMR glow in the dark | crinkling | plastic |squishy | slime asmr | sensitive sounds 0:49 Squishy rubber spike ball 1:00 Fuzzy ball, swishing sound, cozy, winter sound, warm-up, twisting and rustling wind 1:25 Visual ASMR with fuzzy ball | asmr brushing 1:30 Visual ASMR Glow sticks with crackling, popping, crinkling sounds, crunchy asmr 1:49 Beautiful neon color glow light sticks 2:35 Sparkle wand of tingles 2:55 Pampering you with a bowl and sparkle wand. Passing tingles on to you. 3:13 Wood ASMR sound 3:15 Shaving cream ASMR, whipping cream sound, 3:26 Shaving cream can shake sound, shaking, oozing sounds 3:43 Shave cream mountain. Is it the tallest shaving cream mountain you have seen? 3:57 Wind blowing, mouth blowing winter sounds from our shaving cream mountain 4:00 Wood nail tapping ASMR 4:06 Wood tapping ASMR 4:15 Squishy ball sounds, rubber spike massage balls 4:30 ASMR glow in the dark jars, bag crinkling, toy packaging sounds 6:05 Glow in the dark ASMR tapping on jugs of ooze 9:37 Brain melting rubber ball sounds 9:42 Brain massage with ball ASMR 10:00 Pampering you with sparkle wand, bowl sliding, scooping sounds 11:00 Applying sparkles to your face sounds 11:29 Tapping sparkles on you sounds 12:39 Brain tingling ASMR sounds with light-up massage balls 15:37 Relaxing wood sounds 15:46 Fuzzy ball wand 15:53 Massaging sounds with a fuzzy ball 19:10 Visual ASMR Glow sticks 19:50 ASMR glow sticks breaking, crackling, tingle sounds 28:44 Cozy massage sounds with wand 30:46 Wood ASMR sounds 31:59 Swishing ball in bowl sounds 32:10 Shaving cream can shake 32:18 Shaving cream ASMR | Shave cream tower 34:58 Popping toy sounds, raindrop like 36:41 Wood sounds 36:50 Wood tapping ASMR 39:16 Pom pom, wind chime-like sound 39:30 Jingling sounds 42:50 Fast ASMR Tingle Spike Ball | Unpredictable ASMR 43:23 Unintentional ASMR 43:39 Crinkling Wrapper Unintentional ASMR 43:50 Crinkling Wrapper & Sorting Unintentional ASMR 43:52 Light Switch Off Unintentional ASMR 43:54 Light Switch On Unintentional ASMR 44:15 Light Switch Unintentional ASMR 45:29 Light Switch Unintentional ASMR 45:32 Light Switch Unintentional ASMR 45:37 Crinkling Paper, Wrapping Paper Sounds, Packaging Sounds Unintentional ASMR 46:33 Light Switch Unintentional ASMR 47:42 Glow Stick, Crackling, Crinkling Sound Unintentional ASMR 47:52 Light Switch Unintentional ASMR 47:59 Unpacking | Opening | Unboxing Unintentional ASMR Sleep ASMR Here are some: Mic brushing, mic scratching, blue yeti, tapping, wood tapping, satisfying asmr, new year asmr, asmr sleep, mic asmr massage, ASMR glow in the dark scenes, ASMR gentle whispering, personal attention, asmr shave, whipped cream-like, shaving cream, shaving cream mountain!, ASMR glow sticks, whisper, no talking asmr, tingly sounds, squishy balls, squishy sounds, pop sounds, cracking sounds, squishing sounds, sleep sounds, asmr sleep, crunchy asmr, asmr unintentional, asmr honeycomb popping toy, rubber sounds, feels like an asmr head massage, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, A.S.M.R., honeycomb toy, glowing asmr, asmr whispers. #asmr #ASMRglowinthedark #ASMRglowing #glowingasmr#Tingles #ASMRVideo #Blueyeti #Slimepackagingsounds #fastasmr #unintentionalasmr #whispering #notalkingasmr #asmrbrainmassage #slimeasmr #satisfying #sleep #sleeping #woodasmr #asmrglow #tapping #tingle #asmrvideo #goosebumps #honeycomb #honeycombtoy #honeycomtapping #asmrvideos #asmrglowing #asmrwhispers #squishy #squishysounds# #shavingasmr #shavingcream #shavingcreamasmr #tingle


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